Wealth Asset Managemeat

As wealth and asset managers, our ultimate goal is to protect and enhance the net worth of our clients. Our investment division focuses on financial markets, real estate and franchising, adopting a long term strategy to secure and build ‘generational’ wealth.




We work closely with private bankers, investment managers and industry specialists to provide a conclusive, intelligent and truly bespoke financial service. We act impartially on behalf of our clients as we do not offer in-house funds.Our investment strategies do not prioritise high-risk market speculation. Our focus rests with lower risk investments, which bring income

Discretionary Wealth Management

Many of our clients do not have the time, inclination, or the specific knowledge to manage their investments. Our wealth management team apply their market knowledge to building an income-generating portfolio, giving clients the freedom to focus on their business or lifestyle. Every client is assigned their own broker who will report back to them on the performance of their
portfolio and act as a relationship manager. We attach great importance to providing this single point of contact and provide a dedicated phone line.

Advisory Stock Broking

Our experienced brokers recommend investment funds and equities appropriate to a clients’ investment objectives and risk appetite. Our multi asset platform enables us to deal in all asset classes on all of the major international exchanges. Clients can invest into stocks and funds through their ISA, SIPP, offshore or regular dealing accounts.

Real Estate Development

London Interdealer is highly active in real estate markets, working closely with the most prestigious agents in London. This places us in a leading position to build and maintain strategic property portfolios, and to guide residential and commercial investors through the property cycle.

We source and acquire  investment properties on behalf of investors and developers; in addition we offer alternative real estate opportunities such as development projects [link] and pre-developed buy to let schemes.


London Interdealer has a strong interest in the franchising sector. We invest in early stage franchises and deal in master franchise contracts in growing economies. Franchising in the UK, despite the fragile recovery, continues to expand at a consistent pace. It contributes £13.7 billion to the economy and has grown by 20% over the past five years, against a backdrop of overall growth of -2.5%. An impressive 92% of franchised businesses are at least marginally profitable, whilst 49% are considered either quite, or very, profitable. A current London Interdealer franchise project, Asta Luegos Burger & Shake, is set for expansion throughout the UK, Ireland, Eastern Europe, Middle East, US, and South East Asia. Our partners in this venture are CBFS, most widely recognised as the originators of Byron, a franchise which, in just six years, expanded to incorporate 51 outlets and was sold in 2013 for £100 million.

Trading, Dealing and Exchange

We provide a dedicated line offering real-time equity, commodity, bond, derivative, and FX trading and market updates.

Trust Services

Trusts are tax-efficient structures for families and individuals wishing to plan and assure their long-term finances. They incorporate asset allocation, estate planning and succession planning for future generations, whilst protecting inheritances and the interests of family members. Trusts provide solutions for highly sensitive and complex matters; they can safeguard money and assets which can be used for defined purposes, such as protection of inheritance for offspring, provision for a family member after death, or protecting the interest of elderly relatives. Inbuilt flexibility of asset management before distribution can also be incorporated. When setting up a trust, we can assist you in defining key issues and clear objectives. We provide discreet, impartial advice and can obtain legal representation on your behalf.

Offshore & Private Banking

Offshore accounts are located outside the country of residence of the depositor, typically in a low or zero- tax jurisdiction. In addition to several legal advantages, offshore banking solutions provide clients with confidentiality and discretion, easy access to deposits, and protection against local political, or financial instability.

Currency Exchange

Through London Interdealer, clients can execute both spot and forward transactions in any major global currency, in addition to some of the more liquid emerging market currencies. There are tremendous business and financial benefits that derive from an understanding of the foreign exchange markets. London Interdealer offers clients direct access to an FX specialist to produce hedging strategies, reduce risk of volatility, and profit from market fluctuations. Whether you are business or individual with interests abroad, we ensure your needs are anticipated by our foreign exchange service.

We offer competitive rates of foreign exchange, along with a secure, world class payment process allowing us to track and manage payments. We are also able to provide segregated client transaction accounts through our counterpart banks based in the UK.