• Chartering a yacht

    Chartering a private yacht combines elegance with adventure.

    Sail amongst the world’s most tranquil, remote islands, steer a course on a windswept ocean or laze against the chic backdrop of the French Riviera.

    Watch the world unfold before your eyes in a kaleidoscope of aquatic life, interwoven with spectacular sights and sounds; the blend of escape and freedom imparts a grace and charm no other style of travel can offer.

    The sovereignty lies with you; indulge your passion for different cultures, cuisines, wildlife, social experience or adventure. The sea beckons with enchantment and opportunity.

    Image 1 - Chartering a yacht
  • Choosing a charter broker

    Our brokers have the experience to tailor a yachting vacation around you and your lifestyle. They liaise with manufacturers at the major shows, board the yachts, sample the cuisine and meet the crews; this is the knowledge required to achieve your yachting ambitions.

    Take advantage of our familiarity with destinations and itineraries, and understanding of water sport innovations, to craft a truly memorable, personalised experience.

    Whether you crave adventure or escape, activity or relaxation, your vacation should provide a synthesis of personality and ocean; a good broker will be able to facilitate this for you, possessing knowledge of the seas, the wind, the weather conditions, and of course the necessary legalities.

    Image 2 - Choosing a charter broker
  • Family getaways

    Family yacht charter offers an increasingly comprehensive, bespoke service. Itineraries are adapted by experienced crews to match the needs of families, whether sailing with infants or teenagers.

    Daily planning, entertainment and dining are overseen by an enthusiastic, friendly team. You can be as hands-on or laid-back as you wish, as you sail freely through protected waters as you discover new islands.

    We have an extensive list of family-friendly yachts to suit every level of budget, equipped with the latest water sports paraphernalia. From snorkelling and scuba diving to jet skiing, speed boating, water skiing and fly boarding, there’s a surfeit of active entertainment for the most adventurous of families.

    Image 3 - Family getaways
  • Corporate events

    Hosting a corporate event on a luxury yacht sends out a strong brand message to clients, colleagues and competitors. Offering the perfect balance of exclusivity and pleasure, it is an investment in the profile of your company and the perfect environment for awards ceremonies, product launches and networking opportunities.

    Reward loyal customers and colleagues by hosting events to coincide with major events such as the Monte Carlo Grand Prix or the Cannes Film Festival.

    Image 4 - Corporate events
  • Getting started/test drive

    There are as many yacht charter opportunities as there are potential clients. Our yacht brokerage and lifestyle management teams are always keen to collaborate on new projects and create bespoke packages; test drive charters are becoming increasingly popular, and often a vital preliminary step prior to purchasing a yacht. When you test drive a yacht you get first hand opportunity to become accustomed to different styles, crews, features, and builds.

    Buying a yacht is an involved process, not to be taken lightly. We offer ‘test-drive’ charters to allow you to discover the build of craft most suited to your requirements.

    We would be delighted to speak with you about your individual wishes. Contact us by phone to arrange a meeting.

    Image 5 - Getting started/test drive
  • Celebrations

    Whatever the event, from proposal to wedding, birthday to retirement, a yacht represents the ultimate celebratory location, offering privacy and exclusivity, elegance and unsurpassed service. Our lifestyle management team work closely with yacht crews on our wide range of craft to meticulously plan and manage every aspect of your event.

    Image 6 - Celebrations